Enjoy a little pampering at London Heathrow Airport..

Whether flying business class or economy travellers can now do so in style thanks to a new nail service launched at London Heathrow Airport.

Wellness Spa located inside the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 2A Departures allows you to enjoy a little pre-holiday pampering meaning your manicure can last from the airport to the beach and back!

Nails heathrow

The beauty room is the perfect alternative to the crowded airport bar and the walk up and walk in service means that all passengers, regardless of ticket class, can experience an express manicure before they board.

Relaxation in airports is normally limited to coin operated massage chairs amongst the hustle and bustle of terminals, but thanks to Wellness, pampering possibilities are endless as it offers a full range of beauty treatments, both on a walk in or pre-booked service, so it’s not just nasty nails that can get a tidy up meaning you can board that flight as a truly pampered passenger.

Wellness, is operated by Plaza Premium Lounge and is located in the lounge itself which also offers packages that include unlimited all-inclusive food and drink as well as comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi so a Merlot and manicure isn’t out of the question!

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