Infinity Holidays experience the cultural and tranquil side of Bali’s North

12 lucky members of the Infinity Holidays reservations team experienced a different side to Bali, travelling further afield to the North East on a recent famil.
First stop was Mount Agung in Bali’s East. Climbing the stairs of the Besakih Temple, the group could take in the cultural wonders of Bali’s largest and holiest Hindu temple.

Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa

Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa

After the days adventures, the group arrived at Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa where they were treated to a “traveller’s relief” massage to relax their tired bodies at the resorts in-house spa.
Relaxation did not stop with a massage, with the group having two-days to enjoy the tranquil, oceanfront resorts beautifully landscaped gardens and oceanside infinity pool.  With a full-board experience they could indulge in traditional Indonesian delicacies such as the spicy Udang Pedas and coconut rich Rendand Ayam.

The group made a small trip to Alam Anda Ocean Front Resort & Spa, where they took in the oceanfront resorts traditional Balinese atmosphere among the coconut and banana trees.
They became acquainted with both resorts in-house, world renowned diving centres, which take divers to underwater sites such as the USS Liberty Shipwreck or Manta Point at Nusa Penida.

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